Monday, August 7, 2017

In Order to Live by Yeon Mi Park

          Hiya hiya everyone, what's up?!

          And no, I'm not dead LOLOL 

          Fyi, I have started working since more than two months ago, and life has never been so.. um, adult-ish. I can't exactly say it's all fun, it certainly has its perks, for example the ability to earn money and spend it happily (guilty), meeting a bunch of new friends who click (grateful), and more room to grow up.

          By growing up, I don't mean the literal growth in height alright, don't get me wrong. 

          And now I finally understood them when people say, repetitive and bland working life of everyday will extinguish every single fire that lit up in you. My gosh, I sound old fml 

        That's why I was so glad I stumbled upon this book.        

            I don't read a lot of non-fiction books, let alone a biography. But this book, it was so incredible it shook me
           Her writing was so realistic with that kind of "I fool you not" vibe, it made me feel almost every happiness, sorrow and hardship of her growing up. I say almost, it's because I won't possibly understand everything she felt, and she experienced, simply because I was not born in that corner of the world to really embrace it. 

          In summary, this book is about survival and the search of freedom. 

       Freedom is so subjective, it could mean anything to anyone. Well. she could say freedom is when she could shop without thinking about money, he could say freedom is about pursuing the girl without hindrance from his family, I could say..... freedom is without having to work, heh.

            For her whole childhood and adolescence, Yeon-Mi had been trying and trying desperately in reach for freedom. In exchange for that, so much prices are paid. One of the highlights of the story was when she and her mother crossed the cold and deadly Gobi dessert for survival, thinking about death. How ironic. 

          So she said," I learned something else that day: we all have our own deserts. They may not be the same as my desert, but we all have to cross them to find a purpose in life and be free." 

          Upon reading this, I had to stop and ponder. But my mind went kinda blank for a while, because it was such a spot on I was speechless. 

         I personally think I'm in one of my deserts now, still crossing, still thinking of a way to freedom. Not that my life is terrible right now, but I feel so caged up, so lacking, and a bit lost. But someday I will look up and find my Northern Star, my purpose of life and feel confident again. 

       This is a good book that I have first encountered in a while. I just feel so so blessed for the enlightenment, and it kept me firm on what I enjoy very much. 

          Stay tuned for more updates k!

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